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Hi, I’m Shelly! 

ADHD + Success Coach 

Live more authentically.
Achieve greater success. 

ADHD + Success Coaching

I partner with ADHD adults to help them live more authentically and achieve greater success by creating real, sustained change.

Speaking + Training

I speak and train on neurodiversity, ADHD specific topics in the workplace, and a variety of productivity topics for all audiences. 

Strengths Based Coaching for Uniquely Wired Brains.

“More than just helping someone get organized, Shelly helps you discover the panic-free, completely organized part of you that got buried under a pile of mental tasks. Shelly helped me realize that there are things in my life that I do that help me retain focus and accomplish tasks. I just had to discover them and learn to do them intentionally.”

– Frank M. Taylor, Bloomington IL

About Me

I always knew that there was something different about me that made it harder to do the things that matter. I knew that I wanted more out of my career and my life but my attempts at creating change all fell flat.

Discovering that I have an ADHD brain in 2015 was the first step in creating the type of sustained change that I was seeking. The next and most impactful step in my journey was partnering with my ADHD coach, Cam Gott, to embark on my own journey of change and creating a life that fits.

My experience as a professional organizer working with ADHD clients taught me that the biggest challenge that ADHD adults experience is not disorganization itself, but creating and sustaining change. My experience of working with and being mentored by an excellent ADHD coach showed me that coaching is one of the most powerful tools available for ADHD people.

Today I present, coach, collaborate, and podcast on creating and sustaining meaningful change as an adult with ADHD.

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